Miles are like the currency of the ShebaMiles programme. You can earn Miles on flights with Ethiopian and our partner airlines. You can also earn Miles by staying in a hotel or renting a car with one of our partners, or on daily expenses when you pay with a partner credit card.

You can use your Miles to turn your dream trip into a reality. Use Miles to pay for your ticket and extras on board your flight. You can also use them with our non-airline partners (like hotel or car rental partners), donate them to a charity or start-up, and much more!

ShebaMiles is the loyalty program of Ethiopian Airlines. Members can earn miles by travelling on Ethiopian or partner airline flights and by using the services of programme partners. With more miles travelled, members can qualify for higher tiers of the programme to enjoy more travel privileges.

Enrol to ShebaMiles
Enrolling in ShebaMiles is easy—and free! Simply click here.

We communicate program changes to you via email. If you wish to learn more, please visit our privacy policy.

Yes. the ShebaMiles program is a free to join and membership is open to all individuals above 2 years of age.

Manage your Account

The email containing your temporary password may have gone to your email's trash or junk folder. If you have trouble retrieving the link from those folders, it is possible that our emails are being blocked by your email service provider. 

Please submit your old and new passport plus supporting court documents to and we will update your profile name.

Login and go to "My Profile" and click "Edit" to update your personal details and choose "Confirm" to complete the process.

When you’re a ShebaMiles member, you can access your ShebaMiles account on our website or via Ethiopian mobile app. Simply enter your account number and password to view your account, book awards, set your personal preferences, and more.

Please submit your cancellation request by emailing us. Any outstanding miles will be cancelled at the same time.

You can simply reset your password by clicking "Forgot password?". A new password will be sent to your email address.

Please send us your ShebaMiles membership number and the scanned copy of your passport or ID to Your profile will be updated with your email address and a new password will be sent. 

Status and Benefits

Status Miles enable you to gain status and move up a level as a ShebaMiles member. The number of Status Miles you earn is based on your flight distance and the type of fare you buy.  

Learn about Status Miles

You earn Status Miles on every eligible flight you take with Ethiopian Airlines and our Star Alliance partner airlines.

Qualify for Silver status with 25,000 Status Miles or 25 Qualifying Segments, go from Silver to Gold with 50,000 Status Miles or 50 Qualifying Segments, and from Gold to Platinum with 100,000 Status Miles or 80 Qualifying Segments; all within one calendar year.

Tier Qualifying Segment enables you to gain status and move up a level as a ShebaMiles member. The number of Qualifying Segments you earn is based on your flight type and the type of fare you buy. 

Learn about qualifying segments 



You earn Qualifying Segment on every eligible international flights you take with Ethiopian Airlines only.

Login to your account and you see your current Status Miles balance in your dashboard.

Membership Card

We will be sending you a link to download your new digital card every time there is a change in your ShebaMiles tier status.

You can download a digital version of your ShebaMiles card to your phone. This interactive, virtual card contains essential information about your membership, your progress towards reaching the next tier level, and it is acceptable at all contact points worldwide. You can access it from our website or Ethiopian mobile app and save it to your Apple Wallet or save an image of the card in your device’s image library.

The ShebaMiles digital card can be downloaded to the Wallet app on Apple iOS devices or any custom wallet app on Android devices. In all other cases you will be able to save an image of the card in your device’s image library.

All our contact points are able to access your ShebaMiles details without any need to show your card. As long as your ShebaMiles number is registered in your bookings, you are automatically entitled to all the benefits that comes with your tier status.

You can download your ShebaMiles digital card online on our website or on Ethiopian mobile app.

Earn Miles

You will earn miles based on distance travelled and the fare class/booking class booked and shown on the air ticket. Not all fare classes are eligible to earn Miles. For details refer to the "Earn Miles" section under each individual airline partner page. The fare class is normally indicated under the Itinerary section of your flight ticket receipt.

You can use the Earn Miles calculator to calculate the number of Miles you can earn on Ethiopian flights.   You can also check the earn miles calculator for each airline partner including eligible fare classes.

ShebaMiles is an individual program and miles are only awarded to the member who has flown on the flight. To earn ShebaMiles Miles, names on the flight ticket, passport and membership must be identical.

A codeshare flight is a flight marketed by one airline and operated by another airline. That flight generally carries flight numbers from both airlines. You will earn miles for codeshare flights that are marked by any other airline but operated by Ethiopian Airlines.

Your Miles will automatically be credited to your ShebaMiles account after your flight. If you travelled with Ethiopian, this can take up to 2 days. . If you travelled with one of our other partner airlines, this may take up to 2-7 days.  If you've earned Miles with one of our other non-air partners (including hotel partners, car rental partners, etc.), this may take up to 8 weeks.

As a ShebaMiles member, you earn Miles on all eligible flights with Ethiopian, ASKY, Malawian Airlines, GOL and all Star Alliance member airlines airline partners. Check the ShebaMiles airline partners pages for more details.

Airline Partners 

Did you take a flight that’s eligible to earn miles, but don’t see the miles on your account? No problem. You can claim missing Miles 2 days after your flight and up to 12 months after your flight date.

Claim Missing Miles

Simply provide your ShebaMiles number at the time of booking or check-in, and make sure your name as indicated in your ShebaMiles account is exactly the same as the name used during booking. Your miles will be automatically credited!

Yes, you can receive Miles for eligible flights completed no more than 90 days prior to the date of your enrolment with ShebaMiles.

Buy, Gift, & Transfer Miles

Miles can be transferred in multiples of 1,000, beginning at 1,000 Miles, and you can transfer up to 15,000 Miles to another ShebaMiles member, or members, within 12 months.

We are not able to transfer Miles back to your account once you have decided to give them away.

The miles you purchased will be credited to your ShebaMiles account instantly. 

You can receive up to 15,000 miles via transfer from another ShebaMiles member, or members, within 12 months.

Buy Miles is a feature that allows ShebaMiles members to purchase miles for their own ShebaMiles account online or at any Ethiopian Airlines office.  ShebaMiles Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum members are eligible to buy miles.

We can. Simply contact us.

There is no limit to the number of miles you can gift to a fellow ShebaMiles member. However, there is a limit to the number of miles a member can receive via gift – 50,000 miles within 12 months.

You can buy up to 50,000 miles within 12 months.


Transferred Miles are valid for a minimum of 3 years from the date of transfer and will expire at the end of the expiring year if the receiver does not use the miles or if the receive is inactive during the expiry year.   

You can transfer miles to another ShebaMiles member account by logging in to your account. Miles can only be transferred if the receiving account in Blue, Silver, Gold or Platinum tier status. You can transfer up to 15,000 Miles within 12 months, priced at USD 18 for every 1,000 Miles.

The rate per mile is $18 per 1,000 miles. Applicable taxes apply.

If you’d like to give Miles to a fellow ShebaMiles member as a gift, you can do so online on our website or mobile by logging in to your account. The recipient member must be in Blue, Silver, Gold or Platinum tier.

Gift Miles

If you are in Blue, Silver, Gold or Platinum tier status, you can receive up to 50,000 miles from another ShebaMiles member, or members, within 12 months.

Not always. Award travel availability depends on the flight, date of travel, expected demand for the flight, season, destination and various other factors.

The rate per mile is $25 per 1,000 miles.  A service charge of $5 per transaction applies when you buy at Ethiopian offices and there won’t be a service charge when you buy online.  Applicable taxes may apply.

Miles Expiry

There are many ways to preserve your miles from expiry.  The following activities are eligible to extend your expiring balance:

  • Take the services of our non-air partners to earn miles and remain active.
  • Buy at least 1,000 miles to remain active and your expiring miles will be extended by one additional year.
  • Donate a small amount of miles to any of the participating charities.
  • Transfer at least 1,000 miles for another fellow member. 

Yes! You can download the Ethiopian from App Store or Google Play to check your miles balance instantly, or check your registered email (please make sure you've provided us with a valid email address), where we send a constant expiry notices.

Miles earned in the ShebaMiles program are valid for 3 years excluding the year it was earned. If you are active at the third year, any expiring balance will be extended by one additional year.

Redeem Miles

Yes, if you or your nominees have a confirmed Economy class ticket on Ethiopian or our Star Alliance partners.

Upgrade now

Yes. The amount of Miles required for an infant passenger who do not occupy a seat is 0 miles where us for an infant occupying a seat is the same as for an adult.

Yes, a completely unused ticket can be cancelled for a service fee of USD100 for international flights or USD50 for Ethiopian domestic flights provided that this is done prior to the ticket expiry date. The balance of ShebaMiles Miles used to claim the award(s) will then be credited to your ShebaMiles account. Airport taxes and fees would be refunded to the original credit card or to cash.

Alternatively, since Flight Awards are usually valid for one year from the date of issue, you can change your travel dates for a fee of USD50 for international flights or USD20 for Ethiopian domestic flights. Changes are subject to award seat availability.

Sorry, open-dated award tickets are not permitted. You can only redeem tickets for award travel with a confirmed reservation.

Unfortunately, not. One of the principal rules pertaining to flight tickets is that they have to be used according to the sequence they were issued (meaning coupon after coupon). Should a ticket not be used in sequence, all flight coupons following the original used coupon will be forfeited and become invalid for further use.

Blackout dates do not apply when flying Ethiopian, but award seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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