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ShebaMiles for Kids

All members of your beloved family are welcome to join ShebaMiles and this includes your kids. This means an exciting opportunity to fly with your kids. With membership in the ShebaMiles program, your children will earn & redeem miles and enjoy all the membership benefits.

Enroll your children

Parents/guardians can register their child with ShebaMiles from the age of 2 years and above using a valid email address that belongs to the parent/guardian. The email address must be different from the email address used in the parent/guardian's account. The parent/guardian shall be responsible to maintain the email address in the child’s ShebaMiles account to ensure receipt of notifications about the account as all communications from Ethiopian Airlines to members will be made via email.
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Earn Miles

Children earn Miles just like any ShebaMiles member on flights with Ethiopian, our airline partners and while using the service of our non-airline partners. Children will also earn Status Miles and enjoy a higher level of privileges while moving up to Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership status.
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Spend Miles

We offer many options for your kids to spend their miles with Ethiopian and partners around the world. With the help of their parents or guardians, they can book a flight and redeem their miles for an award ticket or extra comfort by upgrading to Business class or can use their miles on non-air awards like Wi-Fi, or extra baggage and more.
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