Lufthansa is one of the world's largest and most prestigious airlines as well as an aviation group with a network of more than 400 subsidiaries around the globe. These companies are either airlines (Austrian, bmi, Brussels Airlines, JetBlue, Germanwings, Sun Express, SWISS) or service companies operating in the logistics, MRO, catering and IT areas. Lufthansa has been a ShebaMiles member since October 28, 2007. 

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Earn Miles

You earn miles on flights operated by Lufthansa based on the type of fare you purchase and the distance you fly. Please make sure, at the time of booking that your booking class is eligible to earn miles, and remember to register your ShebaMiles membership number during reservation or check-in so that miles are automatically credited to your account about five days after the date of boarding.

The table below shows the miles you will earn in each booking class on flights operated by Lufthansa.

Class of Service

Booking Class

Accrual Rate

First Class

F, A    


Business Class



Economy Class







Mileage Earning Not Available



  • Minimum miles of 500 is accrued for flights operated by Lufthansa that have actual mile credit less than the minimum miles
  • Classes and flights for mileage earning and the rate of mileage earning may change without prior notice according to the circumstances of the partner airline.

Miles Calculator


The Miles you earn on Lufthansa flights will be based on the distance you fly and the fare class of your ticket. Please use the miles calculator to find out how many miles you could earn while flying with Lufthansa.

From *
To *
Important Notes
  • Miles will be credited only for members who board a flight.
  • Under no circumstance will mile credit be granted for flights not boarded due to delay, cancellation, etc.
  • Duplicate registration of Miles with Service Partner program is prohibited.
  • Once miles have been credited to a Service Partner program, it cannot be converted to ShebaMiles Miles.  Conversely, once miles have credited to ShebaMiles program, it cannot be converted to a Service Partner program.
  • There may be cases in which miles are not credited after boarding even if membership number has been registered in advance. Please keep all necessary travel documents for retroactive registration until mileage accrual is confirmed.
  • Only Base Miles earned on Lufthansa flights are Status Miles.
  • Rail travel operated by Deutsche Bahn under LH flight numbers does not accrue mile.
  • Missing miles on Lufthansa flights can be claimed retroactively within 12 months from the flight date.

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